Recent Successes

Some of our successes are listed on the home page, but because everyone likes to talk about when they win we go into some more detail about the cases here:

1st Degree DWI –Dismissed (Martin County)

Driver was arrested for weaving and speeding, submitted to field sobriety tests, was asked to take a blood test and refused. Felony charges were dismissed because the attorneys of Rosengren Kohlmeyer showed that a second test was not offered.

4th Degree DWI – Dismissed (Nicollet County)

The driver was a young woman who made a u-turn at an intersection in the town of St. Peter.  The police stopped her and arrested her.  After discussions with the prosecutor we had a contested pre-trial and made a constitutonal challenge of the stop.  After the hearing, the Judge agreed with our attorneys and dismissed the case.

1st Degree DWI – All counts dismissed but one ( LeSueur County)

Our client, who had a total of 5 DWI’s within the past 10 years, got into a domestic dispute with his girlfriend and then left the house.  He was finally charged with 1) Terroristic threats (felony); 2) Fleeing a police officer (felony); 3) Domestic Assault and 4) 1st Degree DWI.  We managed to have the prosecutor dismiss all counts but the 1st Degree DWI.  While not a 100% win, it’s important to understand that no lawyer can get all of their clients off of all their charges in most cases.  What we did do on this case was get 3 charges dismissed and save over 7 years of prison for our client.

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