Recent Successes

1st Degree DWI – (Martin County) | DWI Dismissed

Driver was arrested for weaving and speeding, submitted to field sobriety tests, was asked to take a blood test and refused. Felony charges were dismissed because the attorneys of Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office Chtd. showed that a second test was not offered.

4th Degree DWI – (Nicollet County) | DWI Dismissed

The driver was a young woman who made a u-turn at an intersection in the town of St. Peter.  The police stopped and arrested her.  After discussions with the prosecutor we had a contested pre-trial and made a constitutional challenge of the stop.  After the hearing, the Judge agreed with our attorneys and dismissed the case.

1st Degree DWI  (LeSueur County)3 out of 4 Counts Dismissed 

Our client, who had a total of 5 DWI’s within the past 10 years, got into a domestic dispute with his girlfriend and then left the house.  He was charged with 1) Terroristic threats (felony); 2) Fleeing a police officer (felony); 3) Domestic Assault and 4) 1st Degree DWI.  The prosecutor dismiss all counts but the 1st Degree DWI.  While not a 100% win, it’s important to understand that no lawyer can get all of their clients off of all their charges in most cases. What we did do on this case was get 3 charges dismissed and save over 7 years of prison for our client.


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